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Communes 2030

In 2018, Deveco was commissioned by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure to develop a reference guide based on the UN Agenda 2030. This guide aims to facilitate a structured inventory of sustainable development initiatives at the communal/territorial level..

This reference guide, called "Communes 2030," was officially launched in March 2023 and serves as the basis for obtaining the "Noheltegkeetscheck fir Gemengen" certificate within the framework of the Climate Pact.


Communes 2030: what for?

Knowledge and Decision-Making

The qualitative and quantitative inventory enables policymakers to evaluate different initiatives contributing to sustainable development within their territory over time. Founded information on resources invested and results achieved allows them to make informed decisions and develop action plans for the good life of their population.

Engaging Citizens

Promoting citizen engagement in sustainable development through communication is essential for building a harmonious socially and environmentally respectful future. Communication plays a key role in informing, raising awareness, and mobilizing individuals around ecological and social issues.

Communes 2030 provides content for fact-based communication on local initiatives working towards sustainable development.

How we can assist you

As the designer and developer of the Communes 2030 guide, Deveco has extensive experience to efficiently and promptly support you in your efforts to obtain certification and utilize the inventory results.

Our services regarding Communes 2030:
  • Partial or complete inventory implementation

  • Support and coaching for the communal editor

  • Analysis of results and recommendations for decision-makers

  • Developing and initiating new sustainable development initiatives


Our references for Communes2030

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