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ESG; développement durable, CSR; RSE; sustainability; Entreprise 2030

Entreprise 2030

Our creed: an ESG strategy is effective only if it creates economic value in addition to societal value.

This concept of shared values is the foundation of Enterprise 2030.

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Objective: Integrated Strategy

The objective of Enterprise 2030 is not to create a separate CSR policy, but to integrate business and sustainability goals into an integrated strategy to create shared value and ensure the long-term viability of the company.

A two-phase approach

Value Chain Analysis.

Value chaim.png

The first phase involves analyzing the activities and processes of the company throughout its value chain to identify the ESG impacts on stakeholders, the risks and opportunities associated with these impacts, as well as the measures and actions already undertaken.


Unlike traditional approaches, Entreprise 2030 enables a pragmatic and fast process as well as an efficient integration of employees into the project.


The report on this phase provides an overview of the company's ESG maturity.

Tailor made Strategy

In the second phase, we co-create and formulate your personalized strategy.


Establish materiality

This phase involves identifying and prioritizing relevant themes for the company's activities.

Based on this materiality analysis, we will formulate strategic issues and objectives.


Formulate strategy


Define KPIs

To track progress on these strategic issues, we will define performance indicators.

Finaly, any strategy requires concrete actions to be implemented and we will develop an initial action plan.


Write action plan

Deliverable: an ESG roadmap

With the Enterprise 2030 Report, the client is equipped at the end of the project with a roadmap to accomplish the following steps:

  • Implementation

Equipped with an initial action plan, the company can immediately proceed with the next steps of implementing its strategy.

  • Communication

Enterprise2030 provides tangible elements of your ESG commitment for fact-based communication.

DEVECO's communication experts offer personalized ESG communication concepts to showcase your commitment to sustainable development.

  • Labeling

The elements of the Enterprise 2030 Report serve as an excellent foundation for preparing CSR labeling applications.

Specifically for the INDR ESR Label, the report provides a reference table indicating the company's maturity and justifications for each theme in the INDR framework.

  • Reporting

The Enterprise Report serves as an excellent foundation for preparing an extra-financial report according to the EU's Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) or other requirements.

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