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label ESR, certification, INDR

CSR Labels

We do not see CSR labels as an end in themselves, but rather as an additional step for a company in its commitment to sustainable development.

CSR labels provide additional credibility to companies by offering independent verification. A labeled company gains external recognition and demonstrates a long-term commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

label ESR, certification, INDR

ESR Label from INDR

The ESR label from the National Institute for Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility (INDR) is an objective and credible certification in CSR, particularly valuable for tender processes that involve CSR evaluation criteria.

This national label is gaining popularity and serves as a key element for positioning a company as socially responsible in the Grand Duchy.

As an accredited expert of INDR, we can provide effective guidance to help you obtain the ESR label.

Our support services include:

  • Identifying and implementing the necessary measures to achieve the maturity required for eligibility for the label

  • Assisting in the preparation of your verification dossier

  • Planning and coaching your team for the verification session

B Corp Certificatio

B Corps are companies certified by the international B Lab movement, a nonprofit organization that assesses the social and environmental performance of businesses against rigorous standards.

To obtain B Corp certification, a company must undergo a comprehensive evaluation process of its business practices, governance, and impact on employees, communities, and the environment. The evaluation criteria cover areas such as transparency, accountability, sustainability, fairness, and social engagement.

B Corps exist across different sectors and industries worldwide. By becoming a B Corp, a company commits to adopting ethical and sustainable business practices while joining a community of like-minded businesses that share the same values.

Trained in B Corp, we can support and advise you throughout the certification process.

b corp certification
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